I have always been someone

I have always been someone that has feared going to the dentist. I usually stay away from dental offices for that reason or also not having insurance. Recently I got a great job where I get good dental insurance with a need for work to be done. Due to this I felt it was finally time to go and see a dentist and start getting the work done that I’ve been putting off for years. I just went to Dr. Raver for the first visit and I am highly impressed. From the office staff being very welcoming and pleasant to the Hygienist being one of the most personal people I’ve ever been around in any dental office, to even Dr. Raver himself being very gentle while working on his patients. I also would like to praise the billing staff member, she was an absolute delight. I would highly recommend anyone going to Dr. Raver as it will be one of the most pleasant experiences you can possibly have while in a dental office.